The 2019 Uni Lions in-depth season review – part one

Disclaimer, I am not a baseball expert nor am I a proper journalist and I’m writing this from a fan’s perspective. This is part one, an introduction to my Uni Lions end of season review.

It’s October 30th 2018, Uni Lions have just tied the Taiwan Series at 2-2 and there are 3 games left in the series. Momentum looks to be with the Lions having been 2-0 down but, two days later and Lamigo deliver a crushing blow with an 11-2 win in Tainan. By Saturday evening, the series is over as Lamigo score six 7th inning runs in a 10-3 victory. Tears flowed but there were reasons to be optimistic at this stage.

This was a Lions team who’d won 57 games in 2017; lost in the first round of the playoffs then won 64 games in 2018 and took defending champions Lamigo Monkeys to 6 games. Things seemed to be looking up. We had lots of young talent and whilst there were obvious cracks, we had been improving. Lamigo Monkeys didn’t seem like that impenetrable force anymore, and with their star Wang Po Jung headed to Japan, there was a degree of hope Uni Lions could go one further in 2019…

They didn’t…

The 2019 regular season ended on 3rd October at Xinzhuang Stadium with a crushing 18-4 defeat to Fubon Guardians. It was the third Lions double-digit loss in a row, and the team finished with a 48-2-70 record. So how did things go from an optimistic pre-season mood, which inspired this ill-fated prediction, to a table that looked like this 11 months on?

Lions table

The short answer is injuries. Case closed and there you have your end of season review. No, this end of season review is going to be a breakdown of every aspect of the Lions season taking a closer look at the hitting, the fielding and pitching. I did have four concerns which I noted in my pre-season prediction and will also cover those: Lions in Taoyuan; consistency, injuries and bullpen.

In part two, I am going to be looking at the pitching.






My 2019 baseball season review

Just like last year I’ve decided to compile a review of my 2019 baseball season. Similar to last year, this one is difficult to write albeit for different reasons. Last season, we lost in the Taiwan Series, this year we seemed doomed from the start. At the time of writing, it’s likely to be around 20 weeks until Uni Lions first Spring Training game and I’m quite thankful for that. It’s time to look at, my 2019 baseball season…

Right back in the early part of the year, I told myself to do less Lions games, but at the same time, watch every Uni Lions game in Tainan that I could… That would seem like I was trying to be a Schrodinger’s baseball watcher and of course, I did 8 more games than last year with no playoffs. Yes, I had a bit of luck with the weather and my work schedule so was able to do 34 Tainan games.

Games watched: 60 54
Runs seen 703 623
Lions runs 309 251
Opposition runs 394 372
W/L/T 24-35-1 18-35-1
Attendance 315956 (3 games att N/K)
Chengcing Lake 3 1-2
Hualien 2 1-1
Taichung 6 2-4
Tainan 34 16-18 (6W were in Spring Training)
Taoyuan 6 1-5
Tianmu 3 0-2-1
Xinzhuang 6 3-3
Chinatrust Brothers 7-12-1
Fubon Guardians 9-9
Lamigo Monkeys 5-12
Other 3-0

Last season I said there was a lot to digest, this season, there’s a feeling of being underwhelmed. I always have fun watching the Lions but this year, it’s fair to say, even just looking at these stats you know that the season was one to forget. There wasn’t a single stadium where I saw more wins than defeats, and going 18-1-33 in league matches isn’t an easy pill to swallow.

Compared to last year, being able to do 34 games in Tainan as opposed to 20 is mainly down to the Lions playing more games in Tainan. My Taoyuan, Xinzhuang and Taichung totals added up to 20 compared to 18 this year but we had the playoffs last season.

The only weekends I missed games were:

Monkeys v Lions at Tianmu on 18th/19th May due to a pre-booked trip to Kinmen.

Lions v Monkeys in Taoyuan on 2nd/3rd July, partly apathy and partly because I expected two defeats…

Guardians v Lions at Tianmu on 17th/18th Aug, and Lions v Guardians at Xinzhuang on 24th/25th Aug, both due to not having an ARC or passport that would allow me to stay over. I was working at 10am on Mondays and wasn’t keen on single-day trips…

Lions v Guardians at Xinzhuang on 22nd September, rain concerns and end of season feeling, plus the Rugby World Cup had started… This one was always a non-starter.

60 games done out of a possible 66, I’m pretty happy with that although not how the majority of those games ended! It’s time to look at my top best and top worst moments of the season. The bad moments certainly outnumber the good ones!


4) Kao Kuo Ching becomes a pitcher – 1st June

At the back end of an away day humiliation, the 40-year-old 1st baseman became the first Lions position player to pitch for 10 years. Kao was scoreless, giving up just 2 hits in the 8th inning. I was proud to say I was there given how rare it is for a CPBL position player to pitch, I’ve now seen it twice…

3) Away games and friendliness of the Uni Lions fans.

This is a non-specific highlight, as now after 4 full seasons watching the team, I’m well known and I know I am. Fans wanting selfies, adding me on Facebook, trying to communicate with me, then you get Dave and Tom, two of the guys who I hang around with at away games. It was a depressing season, but looking back, still cheering and signing when getting beaten badly, especially on the road, it wasn’t so bad eh?

2) Chinatrust Brothers 10-11 Uni Lions – 14th September

In a season blighted by a lack of fun moments on the field, this was certainly one to remember. 4-4 with 3 hours played, the rain came, and the players went off for almost 2 hours. They came back we ended 10-5 down, at 10-5 down with 2 on base, 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, the Lions somehow got back into it. Kao Kuo-Ching with the 3 RBI double to walk off at 11:59pm, what a special special moment indeed and it was just a day after, we’d been beaten 16-2 by Brothers!


1) Lamigo Monkeys 8-19 Uni Lions -11th August

Lamigo Monkeys have inflicted so much pain on Uni Lions in recent years and after beating us 10-0 the day before, I expected another defeat. This was a quite ridiculous game of baseball, as I saw the Lions put 10 on the Monkeys for the first time in 38 regular-season games, 32 Su Chih Chieh hit 3 home runs as the Lions ran riot. The bullpen had a wobble to see 27 runs (record), the Lions score 19 (record) and in Hualien too, it was special.



4) Lamigo Monkeys 19-3 and 17-5 Uni Lions – 28th/29th September

A pair of crunching defeats. This would be higher on the list BUT, the majority of players in these two games were either out of form, youngsters, rookies or 2nd team players. Two games I went to, because I had to because they were in Tainan. Didn’t I enjoy either game for more a few more minutes? No. My interest in baseball had long since gone for the season.

3) Chinatrust Brothers 16-2 Uni Lions – 13th September

Last year, Lamigo made up the majority of these bad moments, this year it’s Brothers. The Lions were already dead and buried for the season, but losing 16-2 at home, my biggest ever home loss (albeit only for 15 days!) still hurt.


2) Uni Lions 0-16 Chinatrust Brothers – 21st July

So, you travel 175km (4 hours) each way by bus to Taichung from Tainan and see your team lose 10-6. Upon arriving home at 1am, you rest for 10 hours then go and make the same journey only to get beat 16-0. That’s exactly what happened in this game. This was humiliation. It remains my biggest ever Uni Lions loss on the road and joint-worst defeat ever.

1) The Tianmu weekend – 20th/21st April 

If you play a three-game series away from home, you expect a defeat or two but what happened on this weekend, was just dreadful, dreadful. It had rain, a serious injury and a walk-off loss.

Game 1, leading 8-4 after 3, 8-5 after 7.5, we lost 9-8.

Game 2, Brothers pitcher Yang Zhi-long hits 4 Lions players and is ejected from the game. The game ends up abandoned after 5 at 3-3 due to torrential rain. It late turns out Lions leadoff man, and arguably best player, Chen Chieh-hsien suffered a broken finger when he was struck. Chen never played again after that…

Game 3, Brothers walk-off 3-0 in the bottom of the 11th with a 3 run homer.

Below is footage of the injury sustained in game 2…

So those were my best and worst moments, I was able to limit it at 4 despite seeing a total of 60 games. A lot of just, ‘so-so’ afternoons. If I could have extended to top/worst 5 I would have…

Final word

I will be back in 2020. I would just like to reiterate my thanks to every single Lions fan and opposition fan who I’ve spoken to this season, has added me on Facebook or cheered with me at the games. Game 200 looks a certainty next season having reached 176 games this year. My 100th Lions win is also within reach (90) and my 100th visit to Tainan Municipal Stadium too, (84).

I’ll be bringing you a review of the season, a look at the squad, stats the positives and the negatives etc in the next few weeks. It will take me a while to put it together.

Until then, thank you!

The 4 day weekend/2019 posts…

First off, I’ve taken a decision to change the way I do my posts in 2019. I’ve now watched 131 Uni Lions games with a lot of travelling to the same stadiums. I won’t be doing individual match reports, and will instead cover baseball in my weekly round-ups. Anything interesting from my travels, I’ll of course post about.

So the 4 day weekend, last year it took me to Taoyuan and Tianmu stadiums and it was cold. This year, it involved a Thursday trip to Kaohsiung and an away series at Xinzhuang Stadium. Of course, I was always going to go.


Kaohsiung is one of Taiwan’s biggest cities and only 45km away, but I’ve done bits of tourism. Back in 2016, I went to Lotus Lake, 2017, I went around the City Centre and the railway museum, 2018, Fo Guang Shan. It seems each year, I do a little bit more of the city.

I briefly stopped by Cijin Island in 2016 and wanted to go back as I had barely an hour there last time, on a hot, sweaty day in June.

So Thursday morning I took the train down to Kaohsiung station and was immediately lost, Kaohsiung train station has been relocated underground! Once I got my bearings I got the MRT to Sizhiwan and made the short walk over to Gushan ferry port. Cijin is just 5 minutes across from ‘mainland’ Kaohsiung and I only had to wait 10 minutes for a ferry.

Onto the island and I made my way up to the lighthouse and onto the port. I’d got about 2 hour 15 this time and just took it easy. It was quite a warm afternoon and (in April!) I was in shorts! The views from the lighthouse were good, you could see right down the island and across it, Cijin is maybe only 600-700m across and 8km long.

I made my way along to Cihou Fort which was typical of most old forts in Taiwan. The sea views were better and I soon made my way down to the beach.

I could have decided to get a bicycle and have a ride, but for whatever reason, I didn’t. Instead, I followed my unwritten rule about travelling in Taiwan, ‘If I see a coconut, I will buy one’ and that’s exactly what I did. 70NT and I sat around the beach area for half an hour.

I walked onto the main street for some food, a bacon flavoured Taiwanese style bun, a shrimp roll, some shrimp balls and some egg roll things. Tasty enough for just over NT$100.

I planned to be back on the mainland by 3:15 so I could get a bus around 3:45 to the baseball. I was at the ferry terminal at 2:25, only to be confronted by a huge queue. 4 ferries and about 30 minutes later, I was heading to mainland Kaohsiung. I didn’t need to rush and was outside Formosa Boulevard station about 30 minutes after leaving the island.

I took the 60 bus to Chengcing Lake Stadium and unfortunately things didn’t go well. 1) Lions were in the infield, and I was in the outfield, so I was pretty much on my own. I had asked Lions fans and someone told me outfield, oh well! 2) The game was absolutely terrible and Chinatrust Brothers ran out 2-0 winners.

Things did get better, I walked out of the stadium pretty much straight onto a bus and had 30 minutes before the final Tze Chiang Express north. It was straight to Legends for quiz night, my team easily won and at 1:30am, called it a night ahead of my three day trip to Taipei.


A bit drunk, I packed my bags very soon after I arrived back home in the early hours of Friday morning. Amazingly, when I got up at 10am I found I had packed perfectly and there was absolutely nothing not in my bags!*

Bags, yes. Two 20L rucksacks, and why on earth would I have that? Well, I am autistic, a little bit OCD and 100% baseball, Lions mad. Bag 1 – two full changes of clothes, phone charger, suncream etc. Bag 2 – 4 Lions shirts, 3 Lions t-shirts, air horn, towel, flag, bandana and amazingly, I’d packed my spare cap! Why 4 shirts for 3 games? I’ve started wearing my Chen Chieh Hsien Ultraman shirt every time he bats, and only when he bats.

The other thing as well, I will always wear a normal t-shirt on my way to the stadium, and then change into a Lions one at the stadium. Taiwan’s climate means that, by the time I get to stadiums, it’s nice to change into something fresh!

I took the 11am bus to Taipei, checked into at my hostel just before 3:30pm and headed out to Xinzhuang Stadium. If you ever go to Xinzhuang, it usually takes me 40 minutes from Taipei Main station to the stadium, via the red/orange lines and a 1.1km walk from Xinzhuang MRT.

I got into the stadium and it wasn’t great. I met up with my friend Tom, and we saw the Lions fall to a 9-3 defeat to Fubon Guardians. More debate over the usefulness of the Lions coaches, making a starter pitch 110, give up 7 runs, 13 hits and it just wasn’t a great game as a Lions fan.

I joined Tom and his friend on a visit to Shilin Night Market, I’ve been past it before but never been. The crowds were not as bad as expected, and it was 9pm. We ate the famous fried chicken steak, some meat wrapped in green onions and bone soup. Good food, although the beef wrapped into green onion was like nothing else I’ve ever eaten before.

Tired, I was back in the hostel by 11 ahead of Saturday’s trip…


I ignored my 7am alarm as I was too tired, I finally got up nearer 10 without a clear idea what to. ‘Keelung’ came to mind and I caught the 11:13 train up to the northeast city. Like Kaohsiung and Taichung, its train station has been rebuilt in recent years and the area around the station looks a lot better.

I thought about getting a bus to one of the forts/Heping Island but had a walk instead. I’d been to Zhongzheng Park back in October 2017 and had enjoyed the superb views of the city so that’s where I went.

I strolled across the plaza then along Xin 2nd Road to the steps below the Martyrs Shrine from there it was a long climb up to the park. It was hot and whilst I didn’t want to rush, only had 2 1/2 hours.

I got a few photos and moved along towards Ershawan Fort, expecting a short walk.

It took about 12-15 minutes to get up to Ershawan Fort, I had no idea how far I was out the city and I was asking myself whether I would need to walk the same route back. Google Maps seemed unclear.

The fort was shaded and quite spread out. I rushed through, worried about not making it back for my 1442 train to Taipei. In 20 minutes I saw all of the fort area but didn’t really get a chance to appreciate it as much as I would have liked.

I made my way down a path, at the south-west end of the fort and didn’t know where it went, it turned out down to the bus stop, ‘Haimen Tianxian’. I had about 50 minutes to make the train but was comfortably back by 1410, in time for the 1418.

Back in Taipei around 1515, I had time to have a wash and change into baseball clothes ahead of the 1705 start.

This game went a lot better than the previous night. Uni Lions scored regularly in an impressive 10-2 win over Fubon Guardians. Hitting was a lot better and veteran Pan Wei Lun pitched fairly solidly, the bullpen didn’t mess up either.

Back into central Taipei and I had two more beers before heading to bed about 11:30pm.


Ahhh, a 2:05pm start for the baseball… how… wonderful! In all seriousness, it didn’t give me much chance to do anything. I left the hostel just after 10:30am and took the MRT to Daan Park, I spent about 30 minutes strolling around. Locals were busy photographing the ecological pond which was a hive of activity, all kinds of birds were hovering around and there were plenty of people to enjoy them.

I sat and stopped for about a little between Daan Park and Daan MRT stations before finally making my mind where to go for lunch.

I got the MRT one stop to Zhongxiao Fuxing and then one stop on the blue line east to Zhongxiao Dunhua to Tu Hsiao Yueh. I’d been there before, and even though it’s Tainan style food, I’ve been to this particular branch more times than the two in Tainan itself!

I had Dan Tzai Noodles and Dan Tzai Vermicelli with a bowl of minced pork rice. Hot tea is served complimentary but bought a can of cold Oolong tea anyway.

It was an easy trip over to Xinzhuang for my final game of the trip, and it was hot! I immediately got some suncream on and I tried desperately to avoid the sun hitting my body as much as possible.

The game started reasonably well, the Lions took a 4-0 lead before Josh Roenicke gave up a few hits and it was bases loaded. Fan Guo Chen smashed a grand slam and it was 4-4 after 6 innings.

Chen Yung Chi put the Lions back ahead in the 7th with a home run and in spite of a double in the bottom of the 9th, Chen Yun Wen got the save. Lions 5-4 Guardians. 2-2 for the 4 days, exactly the same as last April’s 4 day weekend, albeit 10C hotter!

I headed off to 7 Eleven for some beers for the trip back and to buy my ticket for the bus home to Tainan. The game had finished before 5pm and I managed to easily get a seat on the 6pm Kuo Kuang service. 4 1/2 hours later and I was back in Tainan, a bit tipsy and a bit tired.

A good 3 day trip to Taipei and a nice 4 day weekend!

Until next time…


My 2019 CPBL predictions – “Going all in”

As a Uni-President 7 Eleven Lions fan, it wasn’t entirely expected that we would lose last years Championship Series to Lamigo Monkeys but this season brings hope we can go one step further.

Back in the 2016 draft, the Lions acquired Chen Chieh Hsien and Su Chih Chieh and they made immediate impacts. The Lions had a poor season and this continued until the 2nd half of the 2017 season when the Lions went 34-24 and were beginning to look like a formidable side. With Lamigo winning both phases, the Lions qualified for the playoffs but were eventually defeated 3-1 by Brothers in the 1st round. A sad end but the signs were there.

I expected the Lions to go one better in 2018 but it wasn’t going to be an easy task. Fubon Guardians possessed several Chinatrust Brothers players released after a scandal and of course ace, Bryan Woodall. Yet, in the back of my mind, I knew we could go one step further and one step further we did. Fubon Guardians performed well below expectations and finished below 0.500. They were a huge disappointment in a season that I actually predicted them to win the league at a canter. Lamigo Monkeys won both phases with ease… again!

It’s fair to say that the Lions of 2018 completely deserved a Championship Series slot, even before thrashing Fubon 3-1 in the previous round. This was a young Lions side interspersed with seasoned veterans who were clearly the 2nd best CPBL side throughout 2018. Rookies such as Shih Tzu Chien, Chen Chong Yu and Wu Chieh Rui looked solid, along with a breakout season by Chiang Chen-Yen of the 2015 draft.

Losing to Lamigo Monkeys in 6 was nasty but it wasn’t expected but with Wang Po Jung going to Nippon Ham Fighters in the NPB in free agency, it gives renewed hope to this young Lions core.

The thing about the Lions is how the line-up has been rebuilt and there is a lot of young talent. This year the Lions didn’t need to draft any CPBL ready players, and I don’t expect to see many rookies play in 2019.

So obviously, you know what’s coming, my 2019 CPBL prediction. I think over 120 games, Uni Lions will win the 2019 CPBL title. The Lions were 8 games better off last year, and only 8.5 behind Lamigo Monkeys, in the end, I think the Lions will win 1 phase. I think that Fubon Guardians will be better and I don’t think Lamigo Monkeys will have another 70 win season. Brothers will be stuck well under 0.500, winning 45-50 games overall. Uni Lions v Guardians or Monkeys? I’m not going to call that, they are both really good sides.

To be quite honest, with the Monkeys winning 5 titles in 7 years and 4 straight phases, it may seem hard to believe that I think we can win the league. Lamigo Monkeys are the Lions main obstacle but going back to 2018 if there was a 4 game swing the records would have been identical. The Lions have to go to Taoyuan with purpose this year and not fear the Monkeys who have won 40+ at home in the last 2 seasons.

The other issue is consistency. Starting off 14-6 is great but not if you only win 9 out of your last 40, like in 2017. Getting off to a good start is key especially with a lot of early games in Tainan. I think to win the CPBL this year, winning the 1st phase is important. Lamigo Monkeys win the 1st phase, and their players/fans will start to think it’s going to be another year of their dominance.

Injuries are another concern. Several key players went down last year, but I think there is more depth and competition than last year so it shouldn’t be the death of the season if one/two players go down injured. Not having a proper 3rd foreign pitcher really didn’t help either, it put too much emphasis on Roenicke and Verdugo, it will be interesting to see Austin Bibens-Dirkx goes.

The final issue, and it’s beginning to sound like I am doubting the Lions chances, is the bullpen. I don’t feel as if the bullpen is always managed effectively enough and the Lions bullpen has a tendency to let games get silly. It will be interesting to see what happens on that front.

So that’s a rough look at how I think the CPBL, well the Lions season will go. It’s a bit optimistic, but hey ho, in my 5th season supporting the Lions, you can’t complain about my enthusiasm.

Let’s see what happens…!



Uni Lions – Spring Training report/squad check

This is a prelude to my 2019 CPBL predictions, I’m going to give a quick report on each of the 6 Lions games I have seen in Spring Training and a look at the squad for this season. As ever, the first few games were against the farm teams of Korean sides

Sunday 24th Feb – Doosan Bears v Uni Lions 

My first game of Spring Training, a day after the Lions had played Lotte Giants (KBO) first team. Rookie Liu Hsuan Ta started and he had a decent couple of innings. It was a pretty uneventful game, with 5 runs being scored late on. Final score: Bears 2-10 Lions

Friday 1st March – KT Wiz v Uni Lions

Josh Roenicke got the start and had a good outing. Lo Guo Long got 3RBI triple early on, and it was 11-1 after 5 innings. Austin Bibens-Dirkx and Chinen Kohya made appearances in the game, but the Wiz got a few runs back late on to make it 11-4. Nice hitting by the Lions with some dodgy pitching/fielding by the Koreans. Final score, Wiz 4-11 Lions.

Saturday 2nd March – Goyang Heroes v Uni Lions

Back to back 1:05pm games, and this time Wang Yu Pu made a surprise start. It was all going smoothly, 2 runs early on before a quite ridiculous 4th inning. In 4 years of watching baseball, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like it. Goyang came back off an error and a triple to make it 2-2 then went ahead 3-2.

It was slightly worrying for about 2 minutes… a quick leveller made it 3-3 before Lo Guo Long hit a 2 run homer to make it 5-3. A further 5 runs followed that the Lions led 10-3 after 2 innings, tying my own record of 11 runs in an inning, see here for the only other time it happened (

A Fang Cheng-yong 3 RBI triple made it 13-4 in the 5th, Goyang pulled 2 runs back in the 6th before another couple of runs made it 15-6. Goyang scored again in the 8th before you guessed it, 2 more runs brought us to a final score of Heroes 6-17 Uni Lions.

Korean games over and attention turned to the following weekend which turned out to be pretty wet.

Saturday 9th March – Lamigo Monkeys v Uni Lions – cancelled due to persistent rain.

Sunday 10th March – Chinatrust Brothers v Uni Lions

The first official CPBL Exhibition Game of 2019 got underway with some quick runs, the Lions taking an early 3-0 lead before the game was stopped due to rain in the 5th.

At the point of stoppage Brothers had a couple on base, and after an hour’s delay, the field was dried out and play resumed. Brothers got a couple of runs but their joy was short lived as Chiang Kai Wen hit a 2 run homer to make it 5-2. It went to 5-3 then 6-3 through Lo Guo Long’s bunt. It was a close finish, Brothers hitting two homers in the top of the 9th but the Lions held on. Final score, Brothers 5-6 Lions

Saturday 16th March – Fubon Guardians v Uni Lions

The less said about this, the better as it wasn’t a great game although it started interestingly. Josh Roenicke loaded the bases and Chiang Chih Hsien had a full count before Roenicke recovered without conceding a run.

What didn’t happen was the lack of music, songs, Ta Ping or cheerleaders. It was a snoozefest. Chen Chieh Hsien’s solo homer put the Lions 1 up, a wild pitch made it 2-0 and then Fubon pulled a run back late on. The game lasted just over 2 hours 30, Guardians 1-2 Lions. Not one to remember

Sunday 17th March – Uni Lions v ‘Lamigo Monkeys’

With Lamigo Monkeys valuing their series with the Chiba Lotte Marines more, this was not a game between two of the best CPBL sides. Instead, Lamigo put out an inexperienced team littered with rookies and second teamers, some of whom had very low batting averages and others had high ERAs. Let’s not pretend this was competitive, even after the Lions chose to put out a team of players who will be the 2nd/3rd choice this season.

Weirdly, this was a Lions away game in Tainan playing in their away kit but with home fans/players on the 1st base side. It all felt quite surreal. Lamigo’s lack of experience certainly showed, going 5-0 down in the top of the 1st, all was set for a crushing 10-15 run win, right?

Austin Bibens Dirkx started and conceded 3 runs straight away, but that was the last of the damage. The Lions cruised to a 12-3 lead after 4 innings before conceding a run in the 5th. The last 5 innings were totally forgettable, and the final score was Lions 12-4 Monkeys.

So the end of Spring Training, it’s time for me to look indepth at the Lions squad and show the kind of depth the Lions have. I will be not covering the pitching situation, as I’m less familiar with injuries, plans for certain players in 2019.


This is an area I always think we struggle at, but this year, if injuries are kept under control, it looks strong. I’m going to rank them in order, of who I’d pick first.  This is who I would pick to play on Saturday.

LF – Su Chih-Chieh 蘇智傑, 

CF – 8 Lo Guo-Long 羅國龍 ,

RF – 6 Tang Chao-Ting 唐肇廷

Other players include,

59 Zhuang Chun-Kai (莊駿凱), 58 Fang Cheng-Yung (方昶詠), 28 Chiang Kai-Wen (鄭鎧文) as well as 61 Zhu Yuan-Chin (朱元勤). 5 Kuo Fu-Lin and 24 Chen Chieh-Hsien have played at left field in times of injuries but I doubt either will this season.


I think this is the Lions strong point, the in infield is very fluid with a long of players being able to play multiple positions.

1B – Kao Kuo-Ching (高國慶)

2B – Chen Chieh-Hsien (陳傑憲) – can also play SS and LF

3B – Kuo Fu-Lin (郭阜林) – can also play 1B and LF

SS – Lin Tzu-Chieh (林祖傑) – newly acquired from semi pro baseball and WILL start on Saturday.

Other players include:

13 Chen Yung-Chi (陳鏞基) a veteran who can play 1B/3B, could easily start.

22 Yang Chia-Wei (楊家維) 3B who is 4th choice.

25 Teng Chih-Wei (吳桀睿), currently injured 1B but hit 6 for 6 in one game last year.

35 Pan Yen-Ting (潘彥廷), can play 2B/3B but 2nd/3rd choice.

50 Mai Chia-I (買嘉儀) probably 3rd/4th choice at 1B.

62 Wu Chieh-Rui (吳桀睿)- currently injured 2B but was averaging 0.336 after 94 last season.

5 of these 6 can definitely play, an alternate second choice side would have 13 at 3rd, 24 at SS, 62 at 2nd and 50 at 1st. It’s quite competitive.


This is quite open after the retirement of Kao Chih-Kang (高志綱) in 2018. It’s between 31 Lin Yu-Le (林祐樂) and 65 – Chen Chong-Yu (陳重羽)who was drafted as a C/CF, but now exclusively a catcher. Both are great hitters for my final fielder…

31 Lin Yu-Le (林祐樂)

That’s my Uni Lions squad assessment wrapped up, as I said I won’t be going into pitchers as I simply don’t know enough about the Lions plans this year. It’s very competitive this season, and players will have to fight for their place in the team.

Next up, I will bring a season preview… which is Lions orientated.