7 weeks, 27 and cycling.

It’s been a while since my last post but as ever  there hasn’t been a great to say recently.. until now!

7 weeks. At the time of writing I will be in the United States of America in 46 days. All my hostels are booked, most internal travel inside the US is sorted, ESTA, and most research. The only part of my trip I’m lagging behind on is LA. About 90% of the research on this 18 day trip has been focused on my 5 days in New York. I think deep down I want to get off to good start on my holiday, and then will plan more in depth about the other cities as I travel.

I’m really excited of course about all 5 of these cities, although NYC for me is iconic. This coming from the man who once said he’d never step foot in the US as recently as 2-3 years ago and is now investing about 2 months worth of wages into a trip there…

27. I turned 27 on 21st November and it was a fine occasion. Despite being on a Thursday, it was quiz night and so drinks were always going to flow. I co-hosted the Artful Dodger quiz, and my good friends ensured I didn’t have to pay anything on the night. It was a really nice gesture indeed and after 4 years in Taiwan, I’ve become part of the family so to speak. Definitely my best birthday for a number of years.

Cycling. Last year, I had a bike stolen during an October weekend which was a wonderful surprise, arriving back from Tainan at 2:30am after a Lions away weekend in Taoyuan. I ended up walking for a month before I was kindly gifted a bike for birthday. This one speed lasted until September when it started to have a few problems…

In the mood for a new bike, I purchased this:

A Giant bicycle for NT$9900 on October 9th.

During the Rugby World Cup, I didn’t get much time/motivation to head out riding but that changed last week.. I’d only done 2 decent rides, then suddenly last Sunday as I once sat in my apartment feeling sorry for myself went for a salad. I came back 3 hours later, having done a 50km ride, It was my first 50km in a long time, and it felt bloody awesome.

Monday came along and I’ve now made it my mission to ride at 4 days a week/100km a week, and do a 100km ride before I got to the US in 46 days time. It gives me 6 weekends more, including my 1.5km of commuting of each day, I clocked up 94km before I took on what I called the Grand Loop, up Highway 19 from the east side of Tainan to Xigang, over to Madou, then west to Jiali and Cigu before re-entering the city via Highway 17. 63km plus another 6km achieved, as I’d stopped for lunch at 63km. 

It felt great to 13km on the previous Sunday’s ride and I know I can push on, and hit that 100km barrier. Next week, I’ll up it to a 70km ride and take a little easier in midweek if needs be. I’ve never done 70km before, but I want to. Cycling makes me feel so free, so alive and it’s great to see new places. I went through 9 separate districts of Tainan today, including 4 I’d never been to before (Xigang, Madou, Jiali and Qigu) although I’ve passed through Madou by bus before.

I’m having fun and let’s see how it goes



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